Excursion 05

Sunday, 11 July 1993

Dear colleagues,

After the success of last excursion to "Le circuit des Annes" I propose another one in the same region but including a lake such that we could get a half-way refreshment. This is my proposal for this Sunday, July 11. I hope weather continues, at least, as in the last weekend!.

Date: Sunday, 11 July 1993
Site: Alpage (lac) de Tardevant(2000 m)
Classification: Easy
Altitude: 2150 m(highest point)
Climbing up distance: 870 m
Climbing time: 3h
Total hiking time: 5h
Starting point: L'Arblay-Manigod(1130 m)
Meeting point: CERN Main Cafeteria at 9.15 am
Remarks: In the old IGN maps (1993) the toponimic shows alake called Tardevant. However, the lake of Tardevant is further away north east.
Access: From Thones, that can be reached either from Annecy orfrom St Jean de Sixt, we must take the route D16 to Manigod. In Manigod we take the road to the right hand side coming down to the end of the valley. 600 meters after "La Charmette", a bridge goes across the torrent and little after, there is a second bridge. We must park our cars between this two bridges. The mountain path we have to take comes up beside the first bridge. The trip to L'Arblay could take 1 hour 30 minutes.

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In the URL http://excursiones.salicio.net you can find information on the outings.

It is convenient to emphasize some useful items: please do not forget to carry on (wear) raincoat, hat/cap and sun glasses, warm gloves, hiking boots or sport-footwear with thick and non-slipping sole, enough food and drinks for the own consumption. Spear dry clothes and after excursion confortable shoes are very convenient.

I hope weather conditions will allow an enjoyable excursion! Cheers! Jose.